Masturbation Tips For Women

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Masturbation entails self-exploration to get those sensuous parts of your body. Are you having trouble reaching orgasms? Or do want to experience that exceptional pleasure you will never get with a partner? Masturbation has it all. Women should masturbate to know their erogenous parts. At least a self-touch gives you an understanding of how you would want your partner to treat you in bed. The parts you would like being touched and in a particular manner. Even though masturbation got deemed as a taboo in the past, it has more benefits than you could imagine.

Masturbation is the only safe sex. You do not have to worry about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy or being caught cheating. Masturbation reduces stress and relieves you of sexual tension build up. Also, it induces sleep. For many women, it is hard to reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Thus, you have to bring your expertise on board pleasuring your clit. Your man may not touch you the way you want. Thus, for you to have fan moments in bed, you must explore your body yourself first for maximum sex pleasure. Different women use different strategies for maximum pleasure during Masturbation. Some of the tips you should consider while masturbating includes;

Build a Romantic Mood

No matter what you do, you will never reach orgasm if you are not relaxed. You should have no distractors around you. Create your space by maybe lighting nice smelling candles. You do not have to worry about goats and job-related issues while in your space. Bend your Legs and keep them apart. At this point, you can watch some adult films or browse for some erotic pictures to enhance the mood. At this position, try cuddling your breasts, your inner thighs and the crevice in your vagina. When you reach your clit, lick your finger and rub it on the clit. Start slowly until the pleasure builds up. By this, you make your vagina wet hence heightened pleasure due to less friction.

Vary the touch and positions

Once you are at the epicenter of your pleasures, try out different positions. Besides lying on your back, you can switch position to your stomach. Try humping on a furry pillow. Hold it close to your clit with your thighs and go back and forth. Also, you can try sliding a licked finger slightly inside the vagina to arouse a penis-like penetration feel. Two fingers can work. You can also vary the strokes, gentle pinches on the clit. Try kneading, tickling and flicking the clit between your fingers. Do not limit yourself to fingers only. Use the hand and the knuckles to touch the area gently.

Vary the speed

If you are on the verge of an orgasm, you should try holding it back. Slow the level of stimulation to enhance maximum pleasure build up. You can try stimulating another area different from the clit. As you rub your vagina, breathe calmly. Even as you are tempted to hold your breath, when you breathe, you intensify your orgasms. And, you get assured of multiple orgasms when you incorporate good speed and the breathing. When you masturbate in the right way, it is addictive, and you realize it is only you that can love yourself that much.

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